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In Silico Flurries: Computing a world of snow. Scientific American. 23 December 2017

thermodynamics + art

Explore the land of Neradia and meet the snowflake named Arenh Jerrus of Bosmen in the wintertime tale In Silico Flurries: Computing the world of snow,
a Scientific American "SA Visual" story about beauty, imagination and machine learning by Jake Lever and myself.

It's Snowing in my CPU — a Snowflake catalogue

Art is science in love.
— E.F. Weisslitz

Go ahead, meet some snowflakes.


Somewhere in the world, it's snowing. But you don't need to go far—it's always snowing on this page. Explore light flurries, snowflake families and individual flakes. There are many unusual snowflakes and snowflake family 12 and family 46 are very interesting.

All flakes are unique but some are more unique than others. Here are some of them—hand-picked—grouped by gender and arranged alphabetically by their name.

the odd girl snowflakes

bamberah f
chini f
dinday f
dorieda f
ellna f
iella f
leegilna f
leenre f
letita f
liaha f
lianra f
libline f
liedsie f
liegilee f
lijaber f
linae f
linqiida f
lipathda f
listarlette f
litza f
litzy f
lomoteria f
loqeula f
lousia f
luryli f
luuilla f
luunita f
micka f
mictue f
midba f
mirapza f
mivina f
mizsy f
monia f
morptel f
mrinde f
mrissilla f
muoasxa f
rosenera f
ruzel f
shaci f
shasyd f
sicia f
sicquey f
siluen f
sirell f
slazitta f
slendtila f
sodry f
soleste f
sonye f
sudika f
suedina f
sumery f
sumiphpun f
sunetta f
suzeenne f

the odd boy snowflakes

artilo m
bubort m
darge m
daroce m
darust m
delerc m
donpy m
furfelt m
gradlo m
herbty m
herik m
jaemy m
jarkiul m
jonaph m
jonsie m
joshan m
jusel m
kickho m
lanmew m
lawiozo m
lemardo m
lenberd m
leory m
leperroll m
leynwe m
lioney m
luusfol m
lwath m
lynnel m
machon m
mardon m
marrem m
merroll m
miall m
michee m
micheel m
Arenh Jerrus of Bosmen
momian m
moris m
muszo m
oberverto m
owtune m
randron m
refin m
renardo m
rufork m
rusers m
saando m
samin m
sammon m
sesthon m
shancel m
stecten m
sulimis m
tanel m
tererto m
thadnere m
tivarus m
tonon m
torcey m
torom m
tosey m
treman m
treyt m
tryen m
tvanter m
vawelle m
vicseer m
vielel m
vinben m
vullan m
vulten m
wanlo m
warcenc m
warleno m