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you have problems

We have answers to your problems. You may be wondering where all these problems are coming from. Well, it's pretty simple actually.

Experts agree that we are bombarded with a increasing amount of information with each passing day. Praised by the industry, the "innovation" of email has caused only a small increase in corporate productivity. What is the cost of this invention? A sharp decline in personal happiness. The reason is simple. Research has determined that 93% of all emails contain at least one question mark. Furthermore, an average person receives 10-15 emails per day. Therefore, an average person receives 10-15 questions per day! Added to any problems that arise during the day that could total over 20 problems. Since the number of problems is inversely proportional to happiness, these data paint a disturbing picture. What can we do? Indeed, the situation is bleak.

To add to the ill humour of the situation, while we experience digital information overload, our levels of personal communication are declining. Recent studies show that the average couple talks 4 minutes per day. Consider this: if your partner helps you solve only 50% of your problems, that still leaves only 4 minutes for 10 problems. In other words, you have 24 seconds to

Obviously, such tight timing cannot be practically achieved. Even under controlled conditions, laboratory studies show that volunteers engaged in such activity show symptoms of burnout after addressing only 14 problems, on average. What's more, it's known that 90% of communication is done through body language. Since it's very difficult to answer complex questions with your body, we can assume that the actual amount of verbal time remaining to solve a problem is not 24 seconds but 2.4 seconds!

What can you do? The numbers conspire against you. Things are obviously not your fault. Email is here to stay and with a busy schedule you'll be doing even less talking in the days to come. How do you solve your problems and stay ahead? Simple - use our linear congruent problem solver.

we have answers

We have answers because we have a lot of problems. The overwhelming number of problems has taught us how to generate germane answers quickly and efficiently. The mandate of the yesornoTM service is to

As you may know, while getting the answer is cruical, interpreting and acting accordingly can be a challenge in itself. Therefore we provide a comprehensive lookup table to offer an interpretation of our answer and help you assess the correct course of action. When you receive an answer from yesornoTM, look it up in the second column of the table. The text in that row corresponds to different outcomes, depending on the true answer. Of course, you do not know the true answer (if you did, you wouldn't be using our service), you are well on your way to solving your problem with our answer.

universal best course of action
yes no maybe
our answer yes our methods have correctly determined that affirmative action is the correct route; hold your course and reap the rewards this is a rare opportunity to experience what most do not attempt; we encourage you to be adventurous, daring, and cavalier the universe does not currently support experimental verification of this course of action; in its paradigm quantum mechanics uses superposition of states, interpreted as both yes and no states simultaneously, but such states are not observables; although we provide the answer for you, you must wait until the universe becomes compatible with these kinds of predictions
no while others may be tempted to act, we urge caution and healthy skepticism; this is a good time to stand back and reconsider or take up a new hobby general truths in this case are negative and you are certain to avoid them; others will fail where you will persevere; not to act is to act
maybe although to us the answer is clear, the time is not right to reveal it; consider your current situation and act accordingly; see this as a chance to gain perspective on an old problem you naturally wish to act, motivated by the momentum of past successes; take caution; looking in the rear view mirror can often tell you where you are going we cannot fit the explanation of this combination here; for the time being, you are to consider the probability of this combination infinitely small

what is the problem?

If you have received an answer from our yesornoTM service but have not formulated a question in your mind, the answer is lost. Do not under any circumstance attempt to retroactively apply the answer to a problem which you have cognitively visualized after the answer is given. Simply put, such action contravenes the accepted causality laws of relativistic information transfer. We cannot accept any responsibility about the correlation between your problem, our answer and the universal best course of action in this instance.

Although we urge you not to apply spent answers to real problems, we can provide you with an estimate of the level of accuracy of such answers. Our linear congruent answer generation method is a quantitative approach and such estimates can be computed. We find that the accuracy level is on avearge 33% for spent answers. However, in individual cases the accuracy ranges as high as 100%.

stale answers?

By the lack of advertisements, you've probably guessed that we are a free service. Because we do not depend on external revenue to provide hardware and software support for the answer generation service, our capacity to generate answers is limited. For this reason, we limit the number of fresh answers per IP address to one per 5 minutes.

If you try to obtain two answers in quick succession, all answers after the first answer will show up as stale and will have this icon: stale answer. If the icon is not obvious, think of a potato losing its heat. If it's still not obvious, perhaps you should use our answer service to help clarify the matter.

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