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Now that I have yesornoTM, I know that I don't have to take unnecessary risks. As a trauma surgeon, I can rely on your service to help me make the most difficult decisions. Gary K

our method

Finding answers to your problems - that's what we do. It's not easy, especially when you consider the variety of problems we deal with. That's why we use the linear congruent method in computing answers. Without burdening you with technicalities (those mathematicians sure like to make things sound complicated!), we have selected this method because

  • it scales easily with the number of problems (linearly) and therefore we can answer many problems without investing in expensive hardware; also "linear" is a common synonym for "straight" - we give you the straight answer.
  • it is congruent, meaning that it corresponds to the right answer.

our service

We provide answers to you free of charge. You'll notice that we do not employ any form of advertising to generate revenue. Our rewards come from solving your problems - every time.

Below is a sample answer. Do not use this answer to solve a problem. If you want a real answer, click on the answer icon .

Imagine the following: what if you could have answers to your problems presented in a clear and concise manner? What if the answers were given at no charge and were royalty-free? Interested? Read on.

It doesn't matter whether you're arguing with your partner, friend, pet, or yourself. We can help: we provide answers to your problems. How do we do it? I'm glad you asked. Through our insightful knowledge of

we can confidently present an answer to your questions. It's hard to believe, I know!

The best part? Our service is free! That's right - we provide answers at absolutely no charge. We don't want your money - we want you on your way with an answer in hand.

Be prepared, though. Using our service may lead you down the correct road quickly, efficiently and with time to spare. You may be surprised.

When you're ready, focus on the question you want to have solved and click on the answer icon .

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