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More than Pretty Pictures—Aesthetics of Data Representation, Denmark, April 13–16, 2015

fun + amusement

The world is in trouble

Here are just a few of the important questions people are asking. Yes, it has come to this.

Questions like "Why can't I sell my kidney?" and "How can I keep from singing?" shake my faith. Deeply.

Zeitgeist Sampling

General Issues

How could I ask for more?

How do people do extreme couponing?

How can I sell my soul?

Who can I sue?

Why can't I hold all these limes?

Why can't I sell my kidney?

Why don't people like me?

Why do people hear voices in their head?

Why do I always feel like murdering everyone?

Why do I never see baby pigeons?

I don't understand how Lost ended.

I don't understand where I went wrong.

What's up with the World

Is the world really flat?

is the world being controlled by aliens?

Has the world gone mad or is it me?

What in the world is god doing?

How in the world can a poor man eat?

Who in the world am I, ah that's the great puzzle.

Will the world be a better place without religion?

What do people see when they close their eyes?

Why do I always see the same time on the clock?

Limits & Desires

I need to poop.

Why can't I make myself vomit?

Where can I find Chuck Norris?

What happens if I make a formal commitment to Satan?

Love & Heart

What is my husband doing online?

Is my wife right?

Will my girlfriend get fat?

How can my son get out of a gang?

Why isn't my girlfriend affectionate?

Why is my boyfriend so insecure?

Why is my girlfriend so emotional?

Why isn't my boyfriend romantic?


Can money make me happy?

How do I finance an engagement ring?

How do I cheat at poker?

Career & Education

Is my job redundant?

Is my boss reading my email?

Can my job be given to someone else?

Should I study or sleep?


Is my doctor useless?

Is my body hair normal?

My head is full of pretty lumps.

How do I heal a broken heart?

Why is my poop green?

Sizes & Extremes

What is the smallest unit of life?

What was the most common form of sacrifice in Aztec society?

Who is the most powerful Jedi?

Where is the hardest part of your head?

Religion & Faith

What will heaven be like?

Is faith a gift from god?

Is god an alien?

Can Jesus microwave a burrito?

Can I pray with my eyes open?

Should I pray for a husband?

World's Most Popular Questions — Today's Zeitgeist

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Discover the most popular questions about

Man's Earliest (and Toughest) Questions

Even before we explored outside our caves, mankind has been plagued by unanswerable questions.

How do I heal a broken heart?  ·  Why do I never see baby pigeons?  ·  I don't understand how Lost ended

What we know defines us as much as what we ask. Let's look at who we are.

Modern Look at Questions, Old Yet Ever New

Using Google's autocomplete feature, which suggests the most similar searches to the one you have entered, you can discover a great deal about what kind of Google searches people perform.

This process yields insight into the zeitgeist of thoughts, interests and problems of the population.

Specifically, if you apply the autocomplete to words that start a question, you can discover the most popular questions of the time. Systematically constructing a question, term by term, can reveal very entertaining, if alarming, patterns.

To visualize a comparison between suggestions for two terms, use Web Seer.

Questions and Statements

While most of the phrases listed here are questions, some are statements (see Limits & Desires, e.g. I need to vent.).


Below are combinations of the terms why can't I and how can I with the words make, have, buy and sell.

What are people looking to sell? What do people want to have, but can't? Autocomplete suggests an answer, in the form of a question!

why can't i
make have buy sell

why can't i…



download apps

why can't i

get pregnant

lose weight

download itunes

download ios 8


get a job

why can't i make…


myself throw up

calls on my iphone


a fence in minecraft

a new folder


friends in college

a decision

eye contact

why can't i have…


a baby


a castle



a bowel movement

an organism


why can't i buy…


gems on clash of clans

an iphone 6

vc on 2k15


a gun


san andreas on steam


anything on itunes

why can't i sell…

my adder

on ebay

my house


my car in gta online

players on madden mobile

my car in gta 5

on amazon

my vacca

players on fifa 15

retrieved on 20-12-2014 from Google
how can i
make have buy sell

how can i…

how can it be

keep from singing

make money

get taller

how can it be chords

find my iphone

how can investors receive compounding returns

get pregnant

how can i make…


my hair grow faster

money from home

my boobs bigger

money online

myself throw up

my hair grow fast

my boobs grow

my computer faster

my butt bigger

how can i have…


a boy

a girl

a miscarriage

a baby girl

a baby

sex with a dead body

2 instagram accounts

wifi in my car

a bowel movement fast

how can i buy…


a house

alibaba stock

iphone 6



apple stock

stock in a company

penny stocks

a star

how can i sell…

my eggs

my car

my timeshare

my car fast

my hair

on amazon

my soul

my iphone 5

my kidney

on ebay

retrieved on 20-12-2014 from Google
why is my
life body boyfriend girlfriend

why is my…

poop green

eye twitching

hair falling out

internet so slow

period late

computer so slow

tongue white

mac so slow

printer offline

dog shaking

why is my life…

so boring

so hard

so bad

so horrible

so sad


so empty

so difficult


so messed up

why is my body…


always hot


so hot


always cold

so tired

so sore

always warm

temperature so low

why is my boyfriend…

so mean

so annoying


so cute

so insecure

so stupid

always mad at me

so clingy

so distant

such a jerk

why is my girlfriend…

mad at me

so annoying

so loose

always cold

being distant

so emotional

not talking to me

so fat


so mean to me lately

retrieved on 20-12-2014 from Google
why isn't my
life body boyfriend girlfriend

why isn't my…

iphone charging

imessage working

hair growing

wifi working

facetime working

phone charging

ipad charging

iphone turning on

car starting

iphone connecting to wifi

why isn't my life…

like a movie

working out

going anywhere


my life is not working

like a situation comedy

my life isn't exciting

my life isn't moving forward

my life isn't getting better

my life isn't changing

why isn't my body…

absorbing iron

absorbing vitamin b12

going into labor



absorbing vitamin d

digesting food properly

burning fat

losing weight

building muscle

why isn't my boyfriend…



texting me

sexually attracted to me


texting me back

talking to me


interested in me anymore


why isn't my girlfriend…

texting back


talking to me

texting me back

texting me

getting her period


getting pregnant

getting wet

my girlfriend isn't sexually attracted to me

retrieved on 20-12-2014 from Google
I don't understand
the why how who where

I don't understand…

i don't understand

in spanish



in japanese

what my husband is saying

in french


I don't understand the…

question and i won't respond to it


ice bucket challenge



movie third person

ending of lost

movie enemy

maze runner

evil within

I don't understand why…

i don't understand why

i sleep all day

alice left wonderland

he loves me


he cheated

you hate me

he likes me

you love me

im here

I don't understand how…

i don't understand how

to play destiny

to use the health app

icloud works

you're number one

twitter works

you're number 1

to kiss

I don't understand who…

i don't understand that reference

i don't understand that's what she said jokes

i don't understand

i don't understand dr who

I don't understand where…

i'm sorry all of this is coming from

retrieved on 20-12-2014 from Google
I think
I you he she people everybody

I think…

therefore i am

we're alone now

i wanna marry you

i love you

i'm turning japanese

i love my wife

i have ebola

i found my berries

I think I…

wanna marry you

love you

I think i'm turning japanese

love my wife

have ebola

found my berries

I think i'm depressed

I think i'm in love

I think you…

i think your crazy

i think you're freaky

i think you're wonderful

i think you're a nazi

i think you're swell

i think you're cute

i think your tractor's sexy

I think he…

likes me

loves me

likes me quiz

i think he's losing interest

came in me

i think he's cheating

i think he's gay

was asian

i think he's going to propose

has a girlfriend

I think she…

likes me

was a she



i think he's cheating on me

likes me billy gilman

loves me

I think people…

I think everybody…

should like everybody

i think everyone hates me

i think everyone is better than me

i think everyone is talking about me

i think everyone is lying to me

i think everyone is attractive

i think everyone is judging me

i think everyone is mad at me

i think everyone is beautiful

i think everyone's out to get me

retrieved on 20-12-2014 from Google

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