Trump Ipsum

All text is randomly and irretrievably generated. Haiku syllable counting is automated, so please pardon errors.


Time is fitness to that generated millions of a question is one line in one more interesting because in half. Mr. Trump. Secretary Clinton, you're going to end this country for sure that, because it comes together in the next question was released on a dramatic effect, though, no matter how the United States?


Hillary attack is made it will tell you go any day over the big winner in 2006 or I had thousands over Obama—then they said. It is going to answer our country. Wrong.

But she said things that Hillary Clinton fought for sure you have enough problems—we're doing. But we really wanted to raise taxes. I'll release your friends on Iraq.

They don't want to the red tape, like we gave us out the tax returns until you didn't answer is killing ISIS happen to be so glad that they have to keep your air conditioners or 5 trillion. He's 10 years or to run. 5 trillion.

And one that being slaughtered...


Donald have, and they have been a lot of all need new jobs, but I was extremely unwise and I am proposing with a bridge to bring our democracy works in our country, highly classified ones that when you're aware of steel plants out and we grow the world. But here's the problem. And it's also decided who were nuclear weapons on the country we do it bothered him down in the plan I want people.

And not be taken business communities respect them. It's been prepared to help create jobs and one of work hard. And I pay for anything to see their families of kids and when it was a lot of the first and I will make our plans would assist us 3.

A lot of divisiveness, but let terrorists buy a president. This is a small-businessman. But we stand up.

And, I think our country.