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More than Pretty Pictures—Aesthetics of Data Representation, Denmark, April 13–16, 2015

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The World's Most Popular Questions About Limits and Desires

have to need to am looking for must prefer would love



iphone 6







iggy azalea

ios 8

i have to…

return some videotapes



stay high

see a man about a horse

sit down

too much homework

pee so bad

go in spanish


i need to…

know now

lose weight

get laid

lose weight fast


make money

talk to someone


i am looking for…

forward to hearing from you

forward to working with you

forward to meeting you

forward to it

forward to speaking with you

a job


forward to the interview

someone to share in an adventure

forward to seeing you

i must…

break you

mustache you a queston

tell jesus

be emo

be cruel only to be kind

not fear

be high

i prefer…

the drummer

not to

your love

to work independently

to be alone

the latter

your love to jesus


i would love…


to change the world

to synonym

to pay for you

the opportunity synonym

to meaning

to in french

to in spanish

the opportunity

why can't i
make have buy sell find get rid of

why can't i…



download apps

why can't i

get pregnant

lose weight

download itunes

download ios 8


get a job

why can't i make…


myself throw up

calls on my iphone


a fence in minecraft

a new folder


friends in college

a decision

eye contact

why can't i have…


a baby


a castle



a bowel movement

an organism


why can't i buy…


gems on clash of clans

an iphone 6

vc on 2k15


a gun


san andreas on steam


anything on itunes

why can't i sell…

my adder

on ebay

my house


my car in gta online

players on madden mobile

my car in gta 5

on amazon

my vacca

players on fifa 15

why can't i find…

a job



a girlfriend

a man

a boyfriend

my friend on steam

a girl

a good man

someone on facebook

why can't i get rid of…



my cold

my acne


this cold

my cough

belly fat

my bv


how can i
make have buy sell find get rid of

how can i…

how can it be

keep from singing

make money

get taller

how can it be chords

find my iphone

how can investors receive compounding returns

get pregnant

how can i make…


my hair grow faster

money from home

my boobs bigger

money online

myself throw up

my hair grow fast

my boobs grow

my computer faster

my butt bigger

how can i have…


a boy

a girl

a miscarriage

a baby girl

a baby

sex with a dead body

2 instagram accounts

wifi in my car

a bowel movement fast

how can i buy…


a house

alibaba stock

iphone 6



apple stock

stock in a company

penny stocks

a star

how can i sell…

my eggs

my car

my timeshare

my car fast

my hair

on amazon

my soul

my iphone 5

my kidney

on ebay

how can i find…

my iphone

my ip address

my apple id

my ipad

my wifi password

my phone


my blood type

my lost iphone

a job

how can i get rid of…

fruit flies




belly fat


fleas on my dog

bed bugs


acne scars

should i
make have buy sell find get rid of

should i…

get a flu shot

upgrade to yosemite

remove it

update to ios 8

text him

quit my job

get the iphone 6

get bangs

cut my hair

should i make…

this trade

a twitter

an instagram

a tinder

my domain private

myself throw up

a youtube channel

a move

youtube videos

a snapchat

should i have…

a baby


another baby


sex with him

sex with my ex

a second child

sex with him quiz

an affair

a hysterectomy

should i buy…


a ps4

a house

a mac

a 4k tv

the iphone 6

an xbox one

apple stock

a new car

a wii u

should i sell…

my house

my car

my car to carmax

on ebay or amazon

my xbox 360

my stocks

my ps3

my ps4

my xbox one

apple stock

should i find…

a new job

a new job quiz

a job before relocating

new friends

another job

someone else

out baby's gender

a new church

out the gender of my baby

out gender of second baby

should i get rid of…

my dog


my smartphone

my unlimited data plan

my cat

unlimited data

my car

my tv


my ps3

what happens if I
make have buy sell find eat

what happens if I…

miss my flight

miss jury duty

break my lease

restore my iphone

fail a class in college

reset my iphone

eat mold

eat moldy bread

drop a class

deactivate my facebook

what happens if I make…

a skill legendary

myself throw up

a new icloud account

a mistake on my taxes

a new icloud

extra mortgage payments

an offer on ebay

a mistake on my ballot

pancakes without eggs

cookies without eggs

what happens if I have…

gestational diabetes


no health insurance


a warrant

a cyst on my ovary

a miscarriage


what happens if i haven't filed my taxes

skin cancer

what happens if I buy…

a stolen phone

a stolen gun

a car from another state

a stolen bike

stolen iphone

a fake on ebay

a car with a lien

a stolen car

a game twice on steam

a put

what happens if I sell…

a put option

the jagged crown

alcohol to a minor

a car without smog

property that i have inherited

a put

my soul


my financed car

my contract phone

what happens if I find…

an iphone

mold in my apartment

a phone

a tick on my dog

a fossil


all the dead ghosts

a fitbit

gold on my property

a winning lottery ticket

what happens if I eat…


moldy bread


too much protein

too much sugar

too much sodium

moldy cheese

too much salt

undercooked chicken

silica gel

what happens if I don't
make have buy take use eat

what happens if I don't…

pay my credit card

pay my parking ticket

go to jury duty

have health insurance

pay child support

pay my verizon bill

pay my property taxes

pay my student loan

pay my car insurance

pay a parking ticket

what happens if I don't make…

my car payment

my flight

my mortgage payment

estimated tax payments

weight at meps

my connecting flight

minimum payment

a will

my court date

what happens if i don't take my makeup off

what happens if I don't have…

health insurance

car insurance

a will

medical insurance

health insurance in 2015

baking powder

health care

my period

a passport

a p45

what happens if I don't buy…

health insurance


a tv licence

an item on ebay

health insurance in 2014

reaper of souls

a tv license

a house


an etag

what happens if I don't take…

my synthroid

my prenatal vitamins

my birth control at the same time


my sugar pills

my insulin

my birth control

my birth control on time

my iron pills

my prenatal

what happens if I don't use…

my credit card

baking powder

premium gas

thermal paste

my groupon

dryer sheets

my pac code

my vote


baking soda in cookies

what happens if I don't eat…

what happens if i don't eat

enough calories

enough protein


for a week



for a day


all day

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