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The World's Most Popular Questions About Limits and Desires

have to need to am looking for must prefer would love







iphone 6





i have to…

return some videotapes



pee a lot

see a man about a horse

sit down

pee so bad

pee all the time

see a man about a dog

too much stuff

i need to…

know now

lose weight

lose weight fast

get laid

make money

talk to someone



i am looking for…

forward to hearing from you

forward to meeting you

forward to working with you


forward to speaking with you

a job

forward to seeing you

forward to talking to you


forward to the interview

i must…

break you

mustache you a queston

tell jesus

be emo

be cruel only to be kind

not fear

be high

i prefer…

the drummer shirt

not to

your love to jesus

to be alone

the real raven

the real raven scene

the latter

to get high on life

i would love…

to teach but

to synonym

to pay for you


the opportunity

you for a thousand years

to change the world

to create a for you

to in spanish

to but

why can't i
make have buy sell find get rid of

why can't i…



lose weight

download flappy bird

get pregnant

why can't i

download itunes


get a boner

get a job

why can't i make…


a new folder

myself throw up

a crusader

a decision


calls on my phone

eye contact

google my homepage

a saddle in minecraft

why can't i have…



a baby


a slice of that pie

nice things

grapefruit with latuda

a bowel movement

a boyfriend

why can't i buy…


dragonblade riven

flappy bird


fallout on steam

kindle books on ipad

a ps4

gems on clash of clans

anything on itunes


why can't i sell…

flappy bird on ebay

my adder

on ebay


my house

my tf2 items

my car in gta 5

on amazon

my stock

units in brave frontier

why can't i find…

a job


flappy bird

a ps4

a man

a girlfriend

a ps4 camera

a boyfriend

vue cups

a good man

why can't i get rid of…


my acne

this cough

my cold

belly fat



my yeast infection

my uti


how can i
make have buy sell find get rid of

how can i…

keep from singing

make money

get taller

not future

gain weight

not future download

lose weight

keep from singing chords

lose weight fast

how can i make…


money online

money from home

extra money

more money

my boobs bigger

my computer faster

money today

myself throw up

a difference

how can i have…


a miscarriage

more energy

two instagram accounts

a girl

a baby

a lucid dream

a boy

my baby early

an abortion

how can i buy…



a house

a house with bad credit

google glass


a star


penny stocks

a monkey

how can i sell…

my car

on amazon

my eggs

my soul

my soul to the devil

my hair

on ebay

my phone with flappy bird

my kidney

my house fast

how can i find…

my iphone

out my blood type

out how much i owe the irs

my ip address

out if i have a warrant

out if i owe the irs

out if someone is married

my apple id

out if someone died

out my credit score

how can i get rid of…


bed bugs

stretch marks

acne scars

skin tags


my double chin

a cold fast

belly fat


should i
make have buy sell find get rid of

should i…

text him

get bangs

quit my job

cut my hair

get a divorce

go to law school

buy a ps4

get a tattoo

buy a house

should i make…

a twitter

my domain private

a facebook

a linkedin

the first move

a youtube channel

youtube videos

a skill legendary

a tumblr

him jealous

should i have…

a baby



an abortion

sex with my ex

another baby

sex at 14

a third child

an affair

sex at 13

should i buy…

a ps4

a house

a mac

a wii u

an xbox one

a new car

or lease a car

google glass

tesla stock


should i sell…

my house

my car

on ebay or amazon

my house or rent it

my xbox 360

my ps3

my rental property

my ps4

my xbox one

my stocks

should i find…

a new job

new friends

a job before i move

out gender of baby

a new church

a girlfriend

out the gender of my baby

someone else

luke and kenny

a new boyfriend

should i get rid of…


my dog


my landline

my smartphone

my cat

my iphone

windows xp

my microwave

my car

what happens if I
make have buy sell find eat

what happens if I…

miss my flight

miss jury duty

break my lease

restore my iphone

reset my iphone

fail a drug test

eat mold

don't have insurance

swallow gum

miss my court date

what happens if I make…

a new apple id

a skill legendary

a mistake on my taxes

a mistake on my fafsa

extra mortgage payments

a perk legendary

the 8 ball on the break

the dean's list

a mistake on a money order

money while on unemployment

what happens if I have…

too much vitamin c



cervical cancer

an ectopic pregnancy

high blood pressure

high cholesterol



a warrant

what happens if I buy…

stock after hours

a stolen ipad

a stolen car

los santos customs

a put option

stolen property

a stolen gun

a horse in skyrim

a car with cash

a stolen bike

what happens if I sell…

a put option

my only warframe

the elder scroll to urag

property that i have inherited

my eggs

my house at a loss

my house

a gun

a car and it breaks down

my soul to the devil

what happens if I find…

an iphone

a winning lottery ticket

a lump in my breast

a lost iphone

my lost phone

buried treasure

oil on my property

a credit card and use it

my lost phone asurion

a job while on unemployment

what happens if I eat…


too much protein


too much fiber

too much sugar

too much salt

undercooked chicken

moldy cheese

too much sodium

before surgery

what happens if I don't
make have buy take use eat

what happens if I don't…

pay my student loans

pay my credit cards

file my taxes

file taxes

get health insurance

sign up for obamacare

go to jury duty

pay my hospital bill

pay child support

pay my car insurance

what happens if I don't make…

estimated tax payments

my flight

my first car payment

my car payment

my mortgage payment

my connecting flight

a will

what happens if i don't take my makeup off

what happens if i don't remove my makeup

what happens if you don't make a will

what happens if I don't have…

health insurance

a will


my w2

health care by march 31

auto insurance

a living will

a period

health ins

health coverage

what happens if I don't buy…

health insurance

health insurance by march 31

health insurance in 2014

obama care

an item i won on ebay

a winning bid on ebay

on ebay

a tv licence

an annuity

a train ticket

what happens if I don't take…

my synthroid

prenatal vitamins

my rmd

a pct

the ap exam

my sugar pills

the act

my insulin


my birth control for a week

what happens if I don't use…

my credit card

baking soda

my retainer

my groupon

baking powder


thermal paste

a groupon


my pac code

what happens if I don't eat…

what happens if i don't eat

for a day

enough calories


for a week


enough protein

enough fat


for two days

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