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World's Most Popular Questions—Today's Interrogative Zeitgeist

1 · Man's earliest (and thoughest) questions

Even before we explored outside our caves, mankind has been plagued by unanswerable questions.

How do I heal a broken heart?

Why do I never see baby pigeons?

I don't understand how Lost ended.

You may notice that the third example isn't phrased as a question—it's what makes it so hard to answer.

What we know defines us as much as what we ask. So let's look at who we are, shall we?

2 · Want answers?

If you want answers to some of these questions, try my Yes or No service.

3 · Modern look at questions — old yet ever new

The most popular questions are collected daily using Google's autocomplete feature. Autocomplete lists popular search queries that begin with your entry.

What are people looking to sell? What do people want to have, but can't? Autocomplete suggests an answer, in the form of a question!

While most autocompleted phrases are questions, a few are statements (see Limits & Desires, e.g. I need to vent.).

4 · Why can't I...?

Below are combinations of the terms why can't I with the words make, have, buy and sell.

why can't I   +   make / have / buy / sell
why can't I make… why can't I have… why can't I buy… why can't I sell…


…a new instagram account

…you love me

…a group chat on instagram

…an instagram account

…my kahoot public

…a reel on instagram


…a public profile on snap





…a bowel movement


…you chords

…a baby




…fifa points

…r6 credits

…a ps5

…valorant points

…morgan wallen tickets

…twitter blue




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