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Love music and science? Explore my collaboration with Max Cooper where we tell the story of infinities and animate the digits of π. Both tracks appear on Max's Yearning for the Infinite album.

It's Snowing in my CPU — a Snowflake catalogue

Art is scence in love.
— E.F. Weisslitz

Go ahead, meet some snowflakes.


Somewhere in the world, it's snowing. But you don't need to go far—it's always snowing on this page. Explore light flurries, snowflake families and individual flakes. There are many unusual snowflakes and snowflake family 12 and family 46 are very interesting.

But don't settle for only pixel snowflakes—make an STL file and 3D print your own flakes!

Ad blockers may interfere with some flake images—the names of flakes can trigger ad filters.

And if after reading about my flakes you want more, get your frozen fix with Kenneth Libbrecht's excellent work and Paul Gallico's Snowflake.

Show a random flake or a random flake from this family.

snowflake cicsie

name cicsie
gender girl
family 6
hex 36, 17
t-SNE 151.3, 58.3

ρ vapor mass 0.5786951165 0.31   53%
κ freezing 0.0036156639 –1.22   14%
μ melting 0.0234809835 –1.04   19%
γ melting 0.0000649978 –0.79   27%
α attachment 0.0734015253 –1.09   18%
β attachment 1.1099805097 –0.73   23%
θ attachment 0.0069348005 –1.10   6%
n growth steps 3110 –0.85   9%

The flake's ranking relative to other flakes with respect to each parameter is shown as a z-score (`(x-\mu)/\sigma`) and percentile.

snowflake files and resources

Download the snowflake's runfile.

Generate STL file for 3D printing.

high-resolution snowflake images

These are the original simulation images. Each snowflake was grown on a 800 × 800 hexagonal grid.

cartesian grid

hex grid

cartesian grid with vapor

hex grid with vapor

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