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The 2015 π Day art takes a Mondrain perspective on π. The art was used in a collaboration with Max Cooper for his track Transcendental Tree Map from the album Yearning for the Infinite. Animation by Nick Cobby and myself. Watch the full show at the Barbican Centre.

It's Snowing in my CPU — a Snowflake catalogue

Now she was round and as pure as the morning light, crystal clear and like a tiny silver mirror she was able to catch and give back every colour in the world about her.
— Paul Gallico, Snowflake

Go ahead, meet some snowflakes.


Somewhere in the world, it's snowing. But you don't need to go far—it's always snowing on this page. Explore light flurries, snowflake families and individual flakes. There are many unusual snowflakes and snowflake family 12 and family 46 are very interesting.

But don't settle for only pixel snowflakes—make an STL file and 3D print your own flakes!

Ad blockers may interfere with some flake images—the names of flakes can trigger ad filters.

And if after reading about my flakes you want more, get your frozen fix with Kenneth Libbrecht's excellent work and Paul Gallico's Snowflake.

This is a collection of snowflakes simulated using the Gravner-Griffeath model, composed of 15,541 snowflakes grouped into 50 families using k-means clustering. This snowflake collection took 128.4 CPU days to compute.

Flakes are categorized by gender. A flake is categorized as female if the freezing parameter `\kappa < \kappa_{\text{median}}`, otherwise it is male.

Each snowflake is also given a unique name generated from a recursive neural network assigned alphabetically based on the snowflake's `\theta` attachment parameter.

snowflake artwork

So, we drew things.

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A flake grows. (BUY ARTWORK)

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16 girl snowflakes (BUY ARTWORK)

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16 boy snowflakes (BUY ARTWORK)

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The effect of the `\mu` parameter on the shape of a snowflake. (BUY ARTWORK)

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The effect of the `\theta` parameter on the shape of a snowflake. (BUY ARTWORK)

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Neradia. (BUY ARTWORK)

a hundred frozen things

Click on a flake to explore it.

girl snowflakes

boy snowflakes

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