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A crash introduction to Ruby for Perl programmers.


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0 | introduction and orientation

1 | perl fundamentals

2 | shell and prompt tools

3 | web development

4 | CPAN Modules

5 | Ruby


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If you've been writing Perl forever and are looking for a new challenge, it just may be Ruby. Ruby has Perl's pragmatism and terseness, idioms, tons of built-in methods and natural object orientation. This single session is a rapid-fire introduction to Ruby, tailored for Perl programmers. We'll show you how Ruby is the same and how it is different, than Perl.

The big R.

Ruby scripts have the same compactness as Perl. With Ruby's objects, you can chain methods using the "." operator.

String and array manipulation. You should recognize some friends (push, join) and a few new faces (times, downto).

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