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As an introduction to UNIX, we'll cover the basics of using the command line. This may be useful particularly for those of you who are not very familiar with the Linux system in use at the GSC. Topics to be covered: navigating the file system, viewing and editing text files, permissions, customizing the shell environment, input and output redirection, job control, command line goodies, command line Perl, and others. Those of you more familiar with UNIX are also welcome to attend - you might pick up a tidbit of useful information, and even better you can share with us tips and tricks that you have found helpful.


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0 | introduction and orientation

1 | perl fundamentals

2 | shell and prompt tools

3 | web development

4 | CPAN Modules

5 | Ruby


level: all all ( 0 )

level: beginner beginner ( 1 )

level: intermediate intermediate ( 2 )

level: advanced advanced ( 3 )

[ Camels are known to spit up to 36 feet in the US and 11 meters everywhere else. ] Introduction to Unix


Session 1: Getting started with UNIX commands and working with files This session will cover command structure; navigating the filesystem; creating, moving, editing, deleting and finding files and directories; general tips for command line use such as tab-completion and history.

Session 2: Permissions, customizing the shell environment, and controlling input/output; includes users and groups; modifying read/write/execute permissions; aliases; environment variables including PATH and PS1; modifying .bashrc; pipes and output redirection; running programs on the command line

Session 3: Job control, command line goodies and command line Perl Includes running, viewing and controlling processes; basic tools like grep, cut, sort, uniq, head, tail, etc.; how to run Perl on the command line (this session was potentially going to include basic shell scripting)

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